About Us 

Healthcare infrastructure and behavioral expertise for addressing the non-medical drivers of disease that exist outside of clinical settings.

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Founded in 2014, Keheala is a mobile health company that improves healthcare access and treatment outcomes for patients. By empowering patients with information, motivation and support, Keheala delivers the tools needed to overcome the non-medical drivers of disease that exist away from health facilities. Healthcare agencies are provided remote-monitoring capabilities and vital analytics to combat epidemics in resource-constrained environments.

The name Keheala means “community,” which embodies Keheala’s approach to increasing treatment adherence. The slogan, “healing within the community” is, thus, literal in the English spelling (Ke-heal-a) and figurative for the community engagement approach utilized to increase treatment adherence.

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Keheala is a social enterprise committed to reinvesting a majority of gross revenue in order to achieve sustainability, scale its impact and address some of the world’s greatest challenges with innovative behavior change interventions.