Meet Artist and TB Advocate - Steve O Otieno

Steve Otieno

Hello, my name is Steve O. Otieno. I am 22 years old and make a living through music. My stage name is Triple One.

How did you become an artist? And why do you call yourself Triple One?

Both of my parents died of TB when I was four years old. The life that I went through after the death of my parents was so hard and painful, but I survived and thank God for his protection. 

I realized my musical talent when I was 12 years old in a school music festival. At the age of 15, I decided to use my talent by creating a TB song to create awareness of TB in the society.

My first song was called "TIBI INA TIBA" which means TB has a cure in Kiswahili. 

I tried to market the song for two years but nothing came from it. I was about to give up on music, but someone recommended that I try to market the song on social media. I found the organization "Stop TB Partnership Kenya" through a Google search and it was the exact organization I needed. 

I typed my story on "Stop TB Partnership Kenya" on Facebook and left my contact information and TB song. 3 days later, I received a call from the Stop TB Partnership Kenya Chief Coordinator, Evelyne Kibuchi. She asked me more about myself and my song. 

I sent her the audio track and she let me know she liked the song and everyone in the office did as well. We planned to meet and I traveled to her from Western Nairobi. On the meeting day I was nervous - it was an international meeting and biggest audience I ever had. 

Evelyne played my song during the meeting and everybody loved it. They asked me if I could perform the song on World TB Day - April 2016. I performed the song and a lot of people in that audience were impressed and clapping.

After that event Evelyne helped me become a TB advocate as a volunteer. However, my song did not go far because it was written in Swahili, which can only spread around East Africa.

That was not my plan. My dream was to preach the message across the world so I asked Evelyne if she would support me to create another song, but this time in English. Evelyne supported me and in January 2017 I recorded the song.

Evelyne was very happy with the English version and many others loved it. 

Save The World is the title of the new song and I hope to get the message around the world. My dream is that children don't go through what I went through when I was young.