Experiences from Serving Patients Enrolled on Keheala from a Healthcare Worker's Perspective

Name: Metrine Mayende

Facility: Khwisero Health Centre

Designation: Clinician

Experiences from serving TB patients:

Khwisero sub-county hospital is located in Khwisero constituency, Kakamega county and it is a high TB burden facility that handles fifteen TB patients every week. TB stigma and misconceptions among the local community are very high, leading to poor treatment adherence and adverse treatment outcomes in the region.

Metrine Mayende, a Clinical Officer at Khwisero sub-county hospital, was enrolled on Keheala in April 2018 by her sub-county coordinator. So far, Metrine has registered 25 TB patients from her clinic on Keheala platform and she appreciates the support Keheala is offering TB patients.

“Due to long queues in the facility, I am unable to have  an in-depth discussion with my patients,” says Metrine, “Myths and misconceptions about tuberculosis in the community have also caused patients not to open up and discuss freely about their illness,” adds Metrine.

For the patients enrolled on Keheala platform, Metrine has noticed a remarkable improvement since these patients are now able to talk freely about TB and missed clinic appointments have markedly reduced.  Besides, patients are no longer feeling stigmatized. “Keheala has made my work easier by reminding patients to take their medicine daily, availing TB information to patients on their mobile phones and constantly following up with patients by Keheala support sponsors, who are always there to listen to my patients, encourage and aid them to comply with their treatment as well as addressing their social challenges,” says Metrine.


“With support from Keheala, I believe that our treatment outcomes will not only improve but we will also eradicate TB in Khwisero sub-county and my facility will be a center of excellence,” concludes Metrine. She urges other healthcare workers to enroll patients on Keheala’s platform if they want to improve treatment adherence and treatment outcomes for their patients. Metrine is grateful for the support Keheala is offering to TB patients and believes Keheala’s intervention should be adopted as a standard of care throughout the country.