Keheala takes off and soars

In the first week of registration Keheala has had a resounding take off as shown by the response to the registration exercise. The Clinicians have managed to register patients onto the Keheala platform from day one when we went live.

Patients are not only sending messages but also calling support sponsors when in need of support. The clinicians are quite happy with the promise of what the Keheala intervention will be doing in terms of helping the patients with adherence. Having included drug resistant patients ( DR’s), the programme has proven to be quite popular as many of these patients have reached that level due to non-adherence in the first place.


Patients are also excited that they have a forum where they can learn more about Tuberculosis at their own pace and time. The patients also like the fact that the service is free and can be accessed at any time of the day. The questions they have that might be private can also be addressed on this forum.

The Sub County TB Coordinators have also shown quite some wide interest in the programme since they see the need to reach out to patients in different dimensions yet under the same umbrella to reach a set target of kicking TB out.

Involving patients also has a positive effect on the adherence rate and improvement of the overall treatment outcome. This is a valuable asset for those who work closely with TB patients and makes their work easier. This aspect has made the Keheala approach very attractive for the clinicians.