Keheala has always been a pleasant name to my ears as it holds in high esteem values that are very dear to my heart. Here I find warmth, friendship and a family away from home. It is a work environment like no other, the unique aspect emanating from the very nature of our work. We empathize, sympathize and encourage TB patients to adhere to their treatment regimen: taking the right medication at the right time is our theme song and we spice this information up with a tinge of juicy tit bits on healthy eating, proper hygiene practices with a dash of how to dress during the cold weather, adding a flavorful splash on how to interact with the family and society at large.

We fight stigma and face situations where patients are agonized due to stigma in the society and encourage them to finish the treatment. When the patient reports that the treatment is complete, we celebrate with them. We occasionally dance a jig in the office when a particular patient we have taken through the healing journey is finally cured. We truly feel that we are following and achieving our “ healing within the community “ mantra.

Life at Keheala for me has been full of joy but also sadness. We all dread making that one call that will yield the very sad news that we lost a patient. This dulls and dampens a mood of high euphoria that is always experienced in the office, especially during the night shift when we have to call dozens of patients. Being a talkative, sensitive and an extreme extrovert, this is a wonderful job as I interact with the patients on a one on one basis and make even the grumpiest laugh. I keep a tab of how many patients I have laughed with in a day , such a rewarding experience to bring joy and hope to someone who is in pain.

Life at Keheala is special when we share meals, go out for dinner or even go for team building out of town. The colleagues become brothers and sisters and look out for each other. When I have personal problems, I have a “ healing together “ team in Keheala. Such a wonderful thing.

The months have flown so fast since the year started because we are eating, drinking and sleeping Keheala. In a nutshell  #LifeatKeheala is a true journey in My LIFE !