The Road thus Far

We take up the challenge of being better and doing better for each other and more so for the patients who rely on us.

It has been exactly 12 months since the second phase begun for Keheala and I must say that the experience has been enlightening and fun. We begun by welcoming new members into the Keheala family and have since then grown in both knowledge and friendship. Bonds have grown not only among the Keheala staff but also beyond the office space to include well maintained relations with our stakeholders. Keheala has managed to create a well known presence within the Kenya TB community as reliable partners with a common goal of ending TB in Kenya by ensuring drug adherence and high treatment success rates among TB patients.

The past year has personally brought about unique opportunities for me to improve in areas such as teamwork, mentorship and grant application. The ease at which these opportunities have effectively been integrated into and around our daily workings as Support Sponsors has been impressive. This speaks volumes of Keheala’s top management in viewing us much more than just employees. The freedom to work within a team that fosters creativity has been a blessing in itself that has made me challenge my own professionalism as a person over the year.

The year did have its own challenges with regards to ensuring that our intervention runs smoothly. This was in terms of tech challenges and enrollment. However the thing that impressed me most is that as a team we did not shy away from these challenges. Frequent brainstorming meetings not only got us on track but also unearthed other opportunities and improvements on how we offer our intervention.  

One of the low moments for me was calling patients who have succumbed to the disease. This is never an easy call when one realizes that a patient has passed on. We hope to keep doing our best with the tools we have at hand to ensure that the tally of deaths goes down.

The most memorable moments for me were quite a few. The night shifts have become something that I look forward to despite the heavier workload. The comradely makes the work space exciting, with celebrations for every conversion in verification. The month of September which saw us have the highest enrollment of patients was a key and pivotal moment for us as well. It not only motivated us but also reinforced the ideology that we could attain our enrollment target as long as we are committed to it.

2018 was a great year for us as a team and we look forward to all that the coming year has to offer for Keheala. We take up the challenge of being better and doing better for each other and more so for the patients who rely on us.