Our Journey of Joy with Joy Lipesa


Keheala relies heavily on the registration of TB patients  by the clinicians who interact with them at the various facilities. On introduction to Keheala , as expected we had different reactions on the uptake of our services and it’s introduction to the patients by different clinicians.

One of the clinicians who understood and took off with this program is Joy Lipesa and our journey of joy thus begun! A mother of one and a dedicated wife, Joy is a beautiful, happy and bubbly person by nature. This is an advantage to her interactions with the patients and Keheala staff.

Immediately after being registered onto the Keheala platform, she soon got to calling us to understand how best to register patients onto our platform, who we are and how our services can make her work easier and more enjoyable when it comes to improving on the adherence. We knew from right then that she was going to be a key player and her success was interminable.

Joy is currently among our top performing clinicians and continues to register many patients onto the platform. During our interaction, she informed me that she took to the idea of Keheala because we “Heal within the community” she said :

I would not be able to do follow up at a personal level as the people at KEHEALA do “ stigmatization and lack of follow-up is a common occurrence when it comes to TB matters and Joy has seen a great turnaround to  treatment adherence among patients who visit her facility and have been enrolled onto to the Keheala platform.

Her work is now easier when she talks to the patients on Keheala platform as the patients tell her the constant reminders and interactions with Keheala Support Sponsors have empowered them with information on TB treatment and the disease . The patients are more confident and more open to nutritional advice and understand the various stages in the treatment of Tuberculosis.

Joy wishes we had started the Keheala  adherence and care intervention to cover all patients as she has seen that it actually works. The fact that we send messages, call patients and also interact with clinicians gives a “ Big Brother “ is watching effect, making all in the treatment journey cautious. This also results in better treatment adherence leading to better treatment outcomes.

We ended the interview on a very high and light note with Joy letting us in onto a little secret that with Keheala “ injecting “ them with “ Vitamin M” we have a win win situation. This was in reference to the little appreciation we offer the clinicians when they register patients onto the Platform. We are happy that our intervention is helping patients from Lodwar where Joy is based and the results are there for all to see.

Keep up the good work Joy because with you this is surely a journey of joy for all.