Milk and Honey


My name is Marla and I had the pleasure of interning at Keheala in Tel Aviv this summer. Throughout my academic career, I’ve come to view internships as a necessary check-the-box. Something that would allow me to “demonstrate experience” in a specific function or industry while primarily pushing paper.


I never expected the internship itself to be a defining experience, but it was. At Keheala, I was able to reflect on my approach towards work, life, balance and relationships. Professionally, it helped me recognize, and accept, parts of myself that were naturally inclined towards specific subject matters and stretch into areas where I felt less comfortable. Personally, it reinforced the importance of disconnecting (over epic Shabbat dinners) and nurturing my relationships with friends and family. Spiritually, it re-invigorated my love of the sea, and made me cherish simple things like stargazing on a bed of waves.

Tel Aviv is a magical city - the gem of the Middle East. It has world-class cuisine, beautiful beaches, nightlife, start-ups and a vibrant Israeli culture that keeps you on your toes. Interning at Keheala was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I’ll always look back with wonder and gratitude.