Experiential Learning in Startup Nation


It’s an age-old question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” If you surveyed a group of children you may get many responses that resemble “firefighter” or “astronaut,” but if you asked me seven years ago I would have told you “business owner.”

Growing up I never observed the typical family structure of watching my parents commute to a nine to five job. My Dad worked from home growing his business Kiddie Soccer, weekly soccer clinics for preschool-age children throughout New Jersey. From a young age, my Dad taught me an important lesson: if you do what you love it will never feel like working. Of course, this is an idealistic statement; but as I grew up immersed in my Dad’s business I began to see joys and sense of purpose that came to my Dad from running a business he was truly passionate about.

eHealth experience in Tel Aviv

As I grew older I continued to chase my captivation with entrepreneurship by working at Glassworks, a glass fusing workshop, founded by a local entrepreneur. While working at Glassworks I once more was able to see the magic of “doing what you love” in action. During my time there I directly observed the capabilities of a business to build and enrich communities. The community that had grown around Glassworks was truly special and triggered my curiosity to learn about other applications of building communities through business.

This summer I had the pleasure of traveling to Tel Aviv to intern with Keheala. My experiences with Keheala have evolved my interpretations of entrepreneurship as I witnessed the way passion and an idea can materialize into a business that saves lives. Working at Keheala has exposed me to individuals, who even through ups and downs, are extremely passionate about the work they are doing and the community they are building. These individuals have become incredible role models to me, setting examples of what it truly means to love what you are doing. This summer has shown me that the best work is done with the motivation, passion, and determination of truly believing in the mission you are working towards. Thank you Keheala for an incredible summer and teaching me that we put the best work into this world when pursuing the things we are most passionate about.