Justin's Journey with TB, Myths and Misconceptions Experienced

Justin Said is a 37 year old man who comes from Kisauni in Mombasa County. He is married with two children and works as an IT technician. He was employed for a period of time before deciding to pursue self employment.

Justin was diagnosed with TB in June of 2018. He was shocked by his diagnosis and could not understand how he got the disease. He had many questions and, at one point, he even thought that TB is a hereditary disease. Justin took a bold step and disclosed his status to his shocked family, which began to ask themselves the same questions. Returning to the hospital with his close family members, the doctor highlighted that TB is curable, a welcomed relief  to both Justin and his family.

Friends and relatives who were offering incorrect advice left Justin feeling discouraged. Some would tell him he was bewitched because of his IT business and it reached a point where some of his friends would advise him to visit a witch doctor to get cured. Justin says that because he is educated and well informed, he chose not to listen to their advice but to follow the doctor's instructions.

Justin followed the doctor’s instructions though he was not keen on the timing because he was not used to taking medication on a daily basis. After the first week of treatment, he started getting better and making him more relaxed about taking medication. Upon being enrolled into Keheala, Justin says that the reminder messages helped him get back on the proper regimen of taking medication because at times he would forget to take the pills. Through the messages that really emphasized the importance of  adhering to treatment, he developed a routine of adhering to his treatment, which made his treatment journey easy and enjoyable. Justin adds that he finds the Keheala platform to be so modern and easy to use. Even someone with minimal technology knowledge can understand it. Justin is grateful for the support Keheala gave him and also because he has someone to talk to and encourage him.

Through his experience, Justin managed to convince a friend who was coughing to go for a check up and, unfortunately, the friend was diagnosed with TB as well. Justin encouraged his friend to take his medication through the end of his treatment process. Justin’s experience reminds others that TB is curable and no one needs to fear TB.