Angeline Adhiambo's Story

Angeline, 53 years old, could not wait for the year to end as she had just buried her daughter and husband because of HIV related complications. The demise was like the end of the road, a thorn in the flesh and a burden to bear every single day of her life.  She did not have any source of income as she lived from hand to mouth. This was not enough to support herself and the two grandchildren that were left behind.

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Angeline’s misfortune never seems to be singular. After having sleepless nights of twisting and turning in bed she started experiencing persistent cough, weight loss and chest pain. It was not until she visited Kisumu Provincial General Hospital (KPGH) that turned her life upside down when she was told that her chest Xray showed she had Tuberculosis (TB). Angeline lamented, “Why me!” “Does it mean I am HIV positive?” She thought of people’s opinion towards her ill health.

Health care workers at KPGH counseled Angeline and transferred her to her nearest clinic (simba opepo). After a week of pain, sorrow and suffering, Angeline decided to visit simba opepo where Lucy Adhiambo, TB clinic nurse, started her on TB treatment and enrolled her on Keheala.

Angeline did not know how to use the system and her compliance score was 0, this prompted Keheala support sponsor to call her and find out why she was not verifying her treatment. Angeline is not technical suave and this made it difficult for her to verify on her own even though she wanted to. After taking her through the verification process for several days, Angeline got used to the system and constantly verified treatment after taking her drugs. Her compliance score improved to 64% and every time she verified treatment, she would call back to confirm with the Keheala support sponsor.  

As no condition is permanent, coming in of Keheala changed Angelina’s thinking . Angeline states that the persistent motivation and support from Keheala have given her a reason to smile and view life afresh again with enthusiasm as support sponsors are always available and ready to answer her concerns. Through Keheala, she has understood that having TB is not a guarantee that someone is HIV positive and Tuberculosis is not a ‘curse’ to her family but rather it can affect anyone exposed to the bacillus.

Angeline has picked up well, taking her drugs on time and verifying by herself. She is forever grateful to Keheala for their kind care and concern .She believes that as long as Keheala lives many lives will be transformed.