Edwin's Story

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Where are you from? 

Siaya, Kenya.

What were you doing before Keheala?

Prior to Keheala I was working at AMPATH overseeing implementation of TB/HIV services across 8 counties in Western Kenya.

What attracted you to the position?

The first time I heard about Keheala and what they have done in Nairobi, I knew this is where I want to be and make a difference to TB patients by not only being there for them as they take their medication but also to demystify stigmatizing perception about TB.

What is your experience with Tuberculosis?

When my father died of TB in 1996 because of late diagnosis, stigma and non-adherence to therapy, I felt lost and confused since he was everything to me and my family. From that time I developed passion of taking care of TB patients and promised myself that I will always be there to encourage TB patients take their medicine because I know what stigma can do to them. Keheala has given me a chance to make a difference in their lives and to be close to them during their treatment duration.  

At Keheala we believe “TB ina Tiba na Matibabu ni bure” (TB is curable and treatment is free).

Describe one of your most rewarding experiences with Keheala.

Having a team that is supportive, self driven and committed to help TB patients not only in Kenya but across the world.

Where do you see Keheala in the future?

I see Keheala’s intervention becoming acceptable standard operating procedure not only in management of TB patients but also in management of patients with HIV and other chronic diseases in the world.