Esther's Story 


Written by Our Support Sponsors: 

Esther Njeri is a mother who was diagnosed with TB. Esther’s husband passed away, leaving her a widow, and the sole provider for her family. She did her best to ensure that her children did not miss a single meal each day, and that they got a proper education.

Esther fell ill, and decided to visit the Kasarani Health Centre. Her symptoms included constant and persistent coughs, as well as night sweats. She had no appetite, and lost a lot of weight as a result. After being diagnosed with TB, Esther initially found it difficult to cope and accept the diagnosis. She could not believe that she had TB. She had heard a lot of myths behind the disease, such as TB patients being HIV positive, and went into denial. However, after receiving counselling at the Kasarani Health Center, she accepted her condition. Esther learned that TB is curable, and was determined to beat the disease.

Esther advocates that information should be availed to the public about TB, in order to break the stigma. She educates her children about TB, and teaches them how to protect themselves. She is careful to leave rooms well ventilated, to allow for the free flow of clean air. Most importantly, she tries to keep her children healthy by providing a balanced diet to keep their immunity at a high level.

Keheala has played a key role in Esther’s treatment regimen.  She relies greatly on the daily reminders she receives from Keheala to monitor her medication. She also uses the SMS call back service when she has queries with regards to her treatment. Her kids regularly ask her whether Keheala has sent her the SMS notifications, and are a great support during this time of her treatment. Esther no longer feels that she is fighting an individual battle with TB, and is grateful for the comfort and encouragement of her family and Keheala.