Harriet's Story

Meet Harriet 

Meet Harriet 

What were you doing before Keheala? 

Before Keheala, I was working for Amref Health Africa Kenya. 

How long have you worked here? Can you tell more about your role and background? 

I have worked with Keheala for about a year so far and my background is in nursing.

My role includes enrolling patients at clinical sites, communicating with patients across our digital platform to support and encourage proper treatment adherence, supporting clinical staff with the use of Keheala's intervention and following up with TB patients. 

What attracted you to the position? 

I thought it was an exciting opportunity because it involves use of mobile health and behavioral interventions to improve health outcomes. These are new aspects in health so it was very attractive to me. 

What skills do you bring to Keheala? 

Mainly research, organizational and problem solving skills along with team work. 

Describe one of your most rewarding experiences with Keheala. 

The most rewarding experiences with Keheala are when I get the chance to see patients adhere to their treatments and recover fully from TB as a result of the Keheala intervention. 

Where do you see Keheala in the future? 

I see Keheala growing to be one of the leading organizations using behavioral interventions to improve health outcomes.