Jill's Story 


Where are you from? 

Nairobi, Kenya. 

What were you doing before Keheala? 

As usual, I was being Jill, spreading good cheer and trying to do “my little thing,” to help. I am a graduate teacher by profession, with broad experience in sales and marketing and deep interest in community development. Previously, I worked as a customer care manager and quality assurance manager in several organizations before working in three major media houses as a business development executive. Later I served as a secretary in a major university Alumni group geared towards helping needy students and children to the bereaved members and improving learning conditions at the University.

Working at Keheala is healing within the community - mentally and physically. It is creating new friends who share the same interests and there is always an urge to do more.

How long have you worked with Keheala?

Since Keheala was initiated in Kenya.

What attracted you to the position? 

The fact that I would be able to play a role in helping the community fight infectious diseases, creating awareness and reaching out to the stigmatized patients in a friendly way. Most of all, I was excited to give correct information on TB treatment and cure.

What is the most meaningful part of your job? 

Sharing correct information with patients - explaining the intricacies of the illness, along with the best diet and hygienic practices. Then, being rewarded with the report of a fully cured patient.

What skills do you bring to Keheala? 

I am a people person who enjoys reading and being updated on the development of medical fields. Other skills include relationship development, training, management, R&D.  

Describe one of your most rewarding experiences with Keheala. 

Having defaulters come back to the clinic and get cured.

Where do you see Keheala in the future?