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Patrick Wanyoko: Keheala’s Head of Africa Business

Where are you from?

I'm from Nairobi, Kenya.

 What were you doing before Keheala? 

I was involved in the Non Communicable Disease (NCD) sector, specifically, early cancer diagnosis, screening and treatment to improve diagnosis and attainment of better treatment outcomes. My role involved business development, partnership management and sales.

How long have you worked for Keheala? 

I joined keheala in February 2019.

What skills do you bring to Keheala? 

Business acumen and development, strategic partnerships management,  sales as well as international relations expertise.

What attracted you to the company? 

The World Health Organization and African Health Ministries share the ambitious vision of a TB-free world. Keheala, with its widely accessible platform, rigorous evidence of improved health outcomes and ability to cost-effectively address the underlying drivers of non-adherence, is uniquely positioned to catalyze this shared vision. Together, Keheala can help partners achieve this end and I'm happy to be part of the journey.

Can you tell more about your role and background?  

My role will be to lead Keheala's transition effort from early revenue to scale.  I look forward to positioning Keheala among alternatives and aligning with our customers’ key priorities. I will also lead Keheala's strategic partnerships initiatives in Kenya and across Africa.

What is the most meaningful part of your job?

Having Keheala's message of improving health access and having better treatment outcomes through feature phones, being well received by both patients and partners. 

Patrick with Keheala’s CEO & Founder at Sankalp Africa 2019

Patrick with Keheala’s CEO & Founder at Sankalp Africa 2019

Describe one of your most rewarding experiences with Keheala.

Sharing Keheala's message and seeing the positive treatment outcomes because of Keheala's intervention is always rewarding. We are currently aligned with the global vision of a TB free world. Being part of an amazing team that is results-oriented is a plus!

Where do you see Keheala in the future? 

In future, Keheala will be leading as well as supporting Africa's goal of having a Tuberculosis free generation. Keheala's interventions will continue to be adopted across Africa and elsewhere!