Saving Lives By Delivering Powerful Behavioral Interventions Across Mobile Phones 



We deliver powerful behavioral interventions and disease management tools across mobile phones to improve healthcare access and treatment outcomes.

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We recognized that community stigmas, poor information and a lack of support often thwart effective medical treatment.

The Social and Non-Medical Drivers of Disease

We're on a mission to change that. 


Our Solution

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Disease Management Tools reduce the patient burden

Behavioral Interventions from the social sciences maximize adherence and motivation

Non-Stigmatizing Support

Data and Analytics focus limited resources

Accessible by mobile phone without download

In 2016, we launched Keheala in Kenya to combat Tuberculosis (TB). The test case included 1,200 patients from 17 clinical sites. 


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Patients using Keheala achieved a 96% treatment success rate. 


In the near future, we will expand our disease offerings and deliver new products that address some of the greatest public health challenges with our behavioral insights.

We are passionate about community and collaboration.

We all play a part. Join us on our journey.

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