Our Approach

We are unapologetically patient-centered and clinician desired. Designed to maximize adherence and motivation, Keheala's digital health platform extends the healthcare system's reach by directly empowering patients.   


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Our Tech 

Sophistication in simplicity and accessibility. 


Today, high rates of mobile phone penetration exist around the world.

Global Mobile Phone Accessibility

However, many people still lack access to smartphones with Internet capabilities.

Keheala uses technologies that are accessible to the masses across 99% of all phones (feature phones or smartphones).

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Keheala Mobile Health Platform for Feature Phones

Some Key Benefits of Keheala's Platform Include: 

  • Accessible by Smartphone or Feature Phone

  • Download-Free

  • Updated Immediately

  • Roaming Compatible

  • Cost-Effective

  • Friendly User Experience

For Keheala, mobile phones are simply the means by which we deliver our most powerful intervention...

Social and Behavior Change Communication 

Our technology extends beyond mobile phones into the human core. Keheala was designed from the ground up with evidence-based behavioral interventions from the social sciences to maximize motivation and adherence to treatment. 


Behavior Change for Development

In order to succeed, Agenda 2030 must account for behavioural insights research… Our organization, our global agenda – and most importantly the people worldwide they are intended to serve – deserve nothing less than the best science available. A human-centered agenda requires a rigorous, research-based understanding of people.
— UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon