Vivian's Story

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Written by Our Support Sponsors:

Vivian, a wife and a daughter to a clinician couldn't believe that she had TB after she was diagnosed with TB at Pumwani dispensary. She was sad and confused at the same time because she believed that TB was a disease of the poor and what was ailing her was a normal cold that would go away with broad spectrum of antibiotics. She asked herself so many questions about her condition. “Am I HIV positive? What will my friends say about me? Will I lose my job?”. With no answer that was forthcoming, Vivian decided to disclosed her health status to her husband and mother, who is a trained clinician who were very supportive and counselled her about TB transmission and management. Vivian’s employer, who was also treated a few years ago, supported Vivian and informed her that she will not lose her job as long as she continues with her therapy. The healthcare worker allayed all of Vivian’s fears and informed her about the Keheala intervention that offers treatment support to all TB patients. Vivian was excited to be enrolled on Keheala’s intervention.

Keheala support sponsors were also excited to have Vivian on their intervention and offered nutrition counselling, health education and infection and prevention information to enable Vivian protect her household members from getting infected. Vivian is  still on treatment and is enjoying her interaction with Keheala staff and she is forever grateful for motivational messages and reminders as well as pleasant interaction with support sponsors.

Vivian is doing very well and taking her drugs every day. She is using the TB information she has received from Keheala’s intervention to offer health talks to other patients as well as encourage them to take TB drugs everyday without fail in order to not only be cured but also to end TB in their community.

Vivian’s advice to everyone is “TB can infect anyone and it does not matter whether you are rich or poor, literate or illiterate, single or married, employed or unemployed. We should always offer support to those who are infected with this disease the way Keheala is supporting me.”

Keheala will continue to offer support to TB patients by empowering them with information in order to demystify the myths and perceptions around TB. Together we will end TB.